8 Reasons to love your Warfield Park Home

We could be accused of being more than a little biased when it comes to this subject, but as one of the most prestigious residential parks in the south of England, we think there are actually far more than just eight reasons to love Warfield Park, but we wanted to point out the best ones.

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So, what makes Warfield Park so special?

Rural Location

Warfield Park is situated in what used to be part of Windsor Great Park. We are surrounded with beautiful green spaces which creates a village-like ambience to the Park. While Warfield Park is close to towns such as Bracknell, Windsor and Ascot, we are off the beaten track which ensures a quiet, rural feel to our residential park.

Garden Space

Each park home on Warfield Park boasts its own private garden area with which to do as you please. Many of our residents take great pride in their garden spaces making Warfield Park one of the most colourful places to live during the spring and summer months. If you would like to see some of our gardening tips, they are available here.

Single Floor Living

Stairs are a nuisance. There, we said it. In traditional homes, they take up an enormous amount of the property’s footprint. In a park home we don’t have to worry about this, which means that the footprint of our home is entirely made up of usable space. Also, for many of our older residents, stairs present a safety challenge which they could do without. You can find out more in our benefits of single storey living blog.

Storage Solutions

Following on from living on a single storey, park homes are choc-full of handy storage solutions; and, if you are having a home built especially to your specifications, you can even add more as you see fit. Built in wardrobes and cubby holes can be used to store all the things you might have in the loft of a traditional home.

Energy Efficiency

While traditional homes are made of bricks and mortar, they have to work very hard to achieve the same levels of energy efficiency as a park home. Using materials with superior insulating properties, park homes are built to high energy efficiency standards and can cost half of what a comparative traditional home can to run.

Rightsizing Freedom

Many of our residents have moved from traditional homes in order to find a property which is a more appropriate size in which to live. Family homes can often feel empty once everyone has moved out and the upkeep can be challenging, both physically and financially. Park homes give you a property which is the ‘right size’ for you and freeing up the cash from your previous home can give you a new found sense of freedom during your retirement.


At Warfield Park, we welcome people with pets. In fact, the surrounding green areas are perfect for dog walkers and there is quite the community of people who enjoy a stroll around the park with their dogs and even those without who like to enjoy the fresh air.


Above all of these factors which make Warfield Park a fantastic place in which to live, is the wonderful sense of community that has been created by our residents. In modern society, many people shut the door to their homes and don’t really socialise within the community in which they live.

At Warfield Park there is a thriving community of like-minded people, our Resident’s Association is a team of volunteers who make sure that the residents have a voice and also run the community hall activities.

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