Are you thinking of retiring to a Park Home?

Warfield Park is one of the most prestigious Park Home addresses in the UK, set among stunning parklands which were once part of Windsor Great Park. We have had a thriving community of park home owners and tenants for more than 70 years.

Park homes are becoming an increasingly popular choice for those people approaching retirement age but who still want to live independently within a like-minded community.

In this article we take a look at some of the reasons that retiring to a residential park might be perfect for you.

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Residential Parks

Park homes are popular among the retired and elderly community as they are typically easier and more affordable to run than a conventional house. Single-storey living is also much more practical and comfortable for older people, especially those with mobility challenges.

Park homes are the perfect option for those people looking to downsize. They are low maintenance and convenient and you can even have one built to your own specifications at a lower cost than a conventional house. If your house is too big for you, you can free up some of your home equity, move into a more appropriately sized home and spend the rest of your money doing the things you love.

Community Spirit

One of the biggest selling points of a life at Warfield Park is our wonderful community and the spirit that it generates around the site. When you move to a place like Warfield Park you will be welcomed by our Community Association who will give you details on all the upcoming events they are holding in our hall and around the Park.

Our residents are like-minded, similar in their time of life and friendly; many of them have gone from being complete strangers to fast friends and the sense of community experienced is something long-lost from modern housing estates.

Residents provide as much or as little support as you’re comfortable with; so, if you are happier staying home and reading a book than heading out to Bingo night then so be it. Our friendly community can be whatever you make it; with a wealth of activities and events to take part in, there’s something for everyone.

As you can imagine, living in such a tight-knit community and on a privately-owned residential site the environment is extremely safe and secure with security measures in place and people looking out for each other.

Park Restrictions

Some residential parks have restrictions which can be limiting depending on your circumstances. We’ve heard of parks having age restrictions and strict rules when it comes to pets; at Warfield Park there is no age limit so our community is diverse and friendly.

When it comes to pets, we are happy to welcome people with their pets; in fact, we encourage it. After all, what’s the point in being surrounded by beautiful parklands if you can’t take your dog for a walk. We allow up to 3 ‘well-behaved’ pets per home.

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