Buying Your New Park Home

All the information you need when buying a home at Warfield Park

New residents have the opportunity to choose and design their own home and we encourage them to take it. We pride ourselves on working closely with park home manufacturers to ensure our client’s dream homes become reality. This unique service contributes to making Warfield Park one of the most desirable park home locations in the south of England.

If you would like to speak with a member of our team about a new home, please email our sales department or call us on 01344 884666.

Pre-Owned Park Homes

Buying & Selling

Park home operators are not allowed to market, sell, or be involved in the sale of pre-owned homes. This is a stipulation in the Mobile Homes Act 2013. The sale of these homes is dealt with by an estate agent. The best way to find any homes up for sale on Warfield Park is through a property comparison website such as Rightmove, Zoopla or Park Home Living.

The Buying Process

Download our information sheets to uncover all you need to know about buying a park home

Ongoing Cost of Living

Information on costs of living in a park home after your initial purchase
  • Pitch Fee: The Pitch Fee for 2024 effective from 1st March will increase from the current £275.72 per month to £324.24 per month.
  • Council Tax: Most park homes at Warfield Park are Band A and the current rate is £1,351.62 per annum 2022/2023. See the Bracknell Forest Council website for further information.
  • Electricity: Charged monthly on usage via the park (governed by OFGEM and in addition to your pitch fee).
  • Water / Sewerage: Charged monthly by the park (governed by OFWAT and in addition to your pitch fee). Some homes have a metered water supply.
  • Gas: All homes on the park will have access to the national gas supply grid and residents are able to choose a gas supplier of their choice.
  • Telephone/Broadband: Organised and billed directly from your chosen supplier. Virgin Media, BT and Sky are all available.

Park Rules

Managing the park

We ask all residents to comply with our park rules. These have been carefully thought out and honed over seven decades and are designed to protect the peaceful living environment on Warfield Park.

Written Statements

An Important Process

As a prospective owner of a park home purchasing from the park, you will receive a written agreement at least 28 days before you complete your purchase and move in. This is to give you time to understand exactly how things will work. The Written Statement is the most important document you will receive as it sets out the terms on which you are entitled to keep your home on the park and explains your rights in law.

If you are buying a used park home, you will take over the existing Written Statement from the seller. This will need to be formally transferred to you. You must make sure that the correct procedure is followed when purchasing a pre-owned park home. We recommend you seek appropriate legal advice before embarking on the purchase.

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