November COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Update 20/11/2020

It’s been a relatively quiet couple of weeks although there’s not much to update everyone on we do however have 2 big and very positive announcements.


Subject to regulatory approval we appear to be close to receiving several vaccines in the coming months.

Government response to the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine can be found here with the Government committing to buy 40 million doses.  Hot on the heels on one announcement, Government have advised that they have committed to buy 5 million doses of the Moderna vaccine, but these need to be manufactured and are not due to be available until March.

At the time of writing we’re still awaiting the results for the AstraZeneca Oxford vaccine trial which the Government has already agreed to purchase 100 million doses although trials are still ongoing.

At the moment vaccines seem to acting rather like buses, you wait for one to come along and two come along at the same time!

Although this is some excellent and very welcome news, we must remember even with approval from medical regulators, this can’t be rolled out overnight and this will be one of the biggest logistical challenges the Government has faced.

As always stay safe everyone.

Kind Regards;

James Sumner FdA


COVID-19 Update 06/11/2020

Well it’s certainly been an interesting few days to say the least. We have returned to lockdown although not in quite the same form as it was in March. We are being asked to stay at home and avoid meeting people, except for specific purposes.

Prime Ministers Statement

On Saturday 31st October the Prime minister announced that England would from be entering its second national lockdown from 5th November 2020 until the 2nd December 2020. Government had hoped to avoid doing so, but they believe it has become the only viable option to take based on the rapid increase in cases.

New Restrictions

The guidance on the new restrictions put in place by Government can be viewed here. They are broadly similar to the restrictions from March but with some differences to the details of the guidance. Likewise the key message from March has also subtly changed and is now;

  1. Stay at home, except for specific purposes.
  2. Avoid meeting people you do not live with, except for specific purposes.
  3. Close certain businesses and venues.
Shielding and the clinical extremely vulnerable

Guidance for the clinically extremely vulnerable and those needing to shield can be found here.

Job Support Scheme

The chancellor has announced that the furlough scheme is being extended to March 2021 and the self-employed will be able to receive increased support.

We all knew, to a greater or lesser extent, that the Autumn and Winter would be when our resolve would be tested and it is key that we do not allow our collective will to lessen as the nights are drawing in. We will get through this with calm and steady determination.

As always stay safe everyone.

Kind Regards;

James Sumner FdA