Homes at Warfield Park, Bracknell, Berkshire. 

Park Rules

The Park is governed by a set of site rules which varies slightly between the residents and tenants. The difference between the residents and tenants rules reflects the company’s additional responsibilities for tenants.

The rules ensure that the Park stays a peaceful, well-kept environment in which to live.

Park Rules for Residents

Park Rules for Tenants

Site Licence

The Local Authority set out standards governing the layout, provision of facilities and the maintenance of the Park through our Site Licence. The Park is responsible for ensuring that the Site Licence Conditions are met by our residents and tenants. Please note there are separate Site Licences for Warfield Park and Harvest Lea.

Site Licence for Warfield Park Residents and Tenants

Site Licence for Harvest Lea Tenants

Policies and Procedures
Please see the links below to view documents that details the way we work at Warfield Park.

Emergency Call Out Procedure for Residents

Emergency Call Out Procedure for Tenants

Gritting Policy

Road Maintenance Policy

Tree Policy

Privacy Policy

Dispute Resolution for New Home Owners

There may be an occasion when even our best efforts do not match expectations, and in these cases they will need to be addressed by a third party. Please see the links below to organisations that undertake alternative dispute resolution:
Trading Standards
Advice can also be sought from
Citizens Advice

Bus Timetable

Courtney Buses operate a pick up and drop off service from the Park on Wednesday and Friday only.

Please click here to see the timetable.

Our nearest train station is 1.4 miles away at Martins Heron.

Refuse Collection

Bins are collected on the park on a Thursday.
Please click on "Recycling Calendar" below to find out whether this week’s collection is a green, blue or brown bin.

Recycling Calendar

If you need to order additional bins please contact Bracknell Forest Council.

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