The Rental Process

Uncover all you need to know about renting a park home

Renting at Warfield Park is a simple process with no fees for administration, inspection or credit checks. This means you only have to pay your deposit and your first month rent upfront. We welcome all ages and are pet friendly; allowing up to two well-behaved domestic pets per household.

Our rentals are inspected every six months to make sure that we pro-actively maintain our homes for the benefit of the tenants.

Some things you will need to consider when renting at Warfield Park:

  • Contents Insurance – you will need cover for your belongings
  • Utility providers – you will be using gas, electricity and water
  • Compliance with the Site Licence and Park Rules
  • Fact Sheets and Forms relating to park home rental are available on the Government website.
  • If you do not have a computer, ask your local library or Citizens Advice Bureau to help you, or contact our office for assistance on 01344 884666.

If you have any questions about availability, email or call us on 01344 884666.

Application and Rental Criteria

Taking the first steps toward your new home
For further information please contact Jenny Holder on
01344-884666 or send an to email

Cost of Living

Information on costs of living in a park home outside of your rent
  • Rent: Property rentals start from £914 a month depending on the size of the property.
  • Council Tax: Council Tax Band A
  • Electricity: Supplied by your chosen utility company if renting at Harvest Lea. If renting at Warfield Park, this is charged monthly by the park in addition to your rent and governed by OFGEM.
  • Water / Sewerage: Charged monthly by the park and governed by OFWAT.
  • Gas: All homes on the park will have access to a natural gas supply and residents will be able to choose a gas supplier of their choice.

Park Rules

Managing the Park

We ask all tenants to comply with our park rules. These have been thought out and honed over seven decades and are designed to protect the peaceful living environment at the park.

Tenancy Agreement

The Legal Part

All tenants are required to sign a tenancy agreement before taking occupation of a property at Warfield Park or Harvest Lea. The agreement sets out the legal terms and conditions of your tenancy.

Government Guidelines

A helpful guide on renting

If you are thinking about renting at Warfield Park, there is a helpful guide published by the Government. This explains the obligations of Warfield Park as the landlord and your obligations as a tenant.