Renting a Park Home at Warfield Park

As our residents and staff know, Warfield Park is a special place in which to live. A thriving community, set within idyllic parklands – it’s a bit of a no-brainer. While it all seems very obvious to us for some people it is a rather daunting departure from their bricks and mortar home and is often approached with a degree of caution.

We’re going to take a look at renting a Park Home at Warfield Park.


Rental properties in the wider world are often associated with busy, city living, strict rules, expensive fees and cramped living conditions. This isn’t the case at Warfield Park. Most of our properties have private outdoor space, parking and a landlord who accepts up to 3 pets, the properties are also affordable and high quality.

Warfield Park homes cater for all configurations of families – from single people, couples and small families to those of retirement age. Most of the properties on the park are detached with private gardens and have parking for two cars. We often have people renting park homes for 6-12 months as a trial to see if park life is something they could adjust to on a more permanent basis.

On more than one occasion we have had people of retirement age having sold their bricks and mortar home with a view to downsizing – renting a park home for 6 months to a year to see if the lifestyle is for them. We are happy to say that the vast majority of those people ended up buying their own little piece of utopia.

The Natural Environment

Warfield Park is situated on parkland which used to be part of Windsor Great Park and so keeping the surroundings in tip top condition is one of our highest priorities. Our team of gardeners and facilities experts are dedicated to ensuring the Park looks pristine all year round. Whether it’s pruning in the Autumn, planting in the Spring, trimming in the Summer or gritting and clearing the snow in Winter – our team take great pride in keeping Warfield Park beautiful.

The Business Bit

Warfield Park rental homes are offered on 6 month short hold tenancy agreements initially, which roll over if both parties are happy.  The agreements are then offered every 12 months. We have also practiced a no Tenancy Admin fees policy, which means that tenants get the best value when moving into their home.

Our rental homes are inspected every 6 months and refurbishment and remedial work is booked accordingly. We invest heavily in our rental homes and have recently reinsulated most of the homes and what’s more, all boilers are less than 5 years old. We are also members of the National Landlords Association and our deposits are protected using My Deposits.

Get in Touch

If you are interested in renting a Park Home at one of the most prestigious Park Home addresses in the UK, make sure you contact our Lettings Negotiator, Jenny Holder to talk through your options. You can also call us on 01344 884666 and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.