Sales FAQs

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If you have any questions which are not covered on this page, please get in touch with us, email our sales department or ring us on 01344 884666 and we would be happy to provide the answers.

Do I own the land as well as the park home?

No. Whereas traditional homes are usually freehold or leasehold, the tenure of park homes is different. Although you still own your park home (unless you rent), you never actually own the land it occupies. When you buy a park home it occupies what is called a ‘pitch’ with a license, called a “Written Statement”, which allows you to station the home on “the pitch” indefinitely. This is a protected agreement under the Mobile Homes Act 1983 and is transferred to the new occupier whenever you sell your park home.

Does the land owner have to comply with any regulations?

Yes. The park operator can only sell park homes to be stationed on their site when they have a site licence to do so. The site licence granted by the local authority sets out the terms and conditions with which the park operator has to comply, such as how many homes they can have on site, how these homes are to be stationed, fire safety standards, parking standards and so on.

Are there any legal title documents that come with the purchase?

Under the Mobile Homes Act, all prospective owners of park homes purchasing the home from the park owner must receive a written agreement from the park owner at least 28 days before they complete their purchase and move in, to give them time to understand exactly how things will work. The Written Statement is the most important document you will receive as it sets out the terms on which you are entitled to keep your home on the park and explains your rights in law, as well as, providing a pitch plan that defines your boundaries.

If you are buying a used park home, you will take over the existing Written Statement from the outgoing occupier. This will need to be formally transferred to you. You must make sure that the correct procedure is followed when purchasing a pre-owned park home.

Find out more about buying previously owned park homes.

What other information should I be provided with?

Park rules form part of the conditions of the Written Statement and are there to ensure the smooth running of the park. New homes will have the Manufacturer’s Owners’ Handbook for your home, covering items such as how the home should be maintained and information about how to apply for a Gold Shield or Platinum Seal Warranty Certificate. This is your construction guarantee for your park home, similar to an NHBC warranty for a traditional home.

Is Council Tax payable for park homes and if so, how much?

Yes. Council Tax is payable on park homes (as on all residential homes). The amount payable will depend upon the individual Council Tax band assessed by the Council Tax Valuation Office. For further information contact the Council Tax department of Bracknell Forest Council.

Is stamp duty applicable when buying a residential park home?

No. Stamp duty is a tax payable on a transfer, conveyance or lease of land. As a park home owner, you do not own the land where the home is sited, so no stamp duty is payable.

Can Park Homes be inherited on an owner’s death?

Just like other property, park homes can be passed on in a will, but the right to live in the home is governed by the Written Statement. If a relative was living with the home owner when the death took place, and they comply with the park rules, they can inherit the Written Statement and the right to live in the home but must also pay the pitch fee and any other charges.

What would happen if I wanted to sell my park home?

Just like with bricks and mortar properties, you can market and sell your park home to whomever you please, so long as they intend to comply with the park rules. There are set government guidelines to help you through a Park Home sale and these can be found on the Government website.

It is important to note that a 10% commission has to be paid to the park operator by the incoming resident within seven days of the sale completing. For example, if a home was sold for £100k, £10k would be payable in commission to the park and £90k would be paid to the seller of the home.

Why is there a 10% commission on the re-sale of a park home?

The commission, better described as a license transfer fee, represents the fact that the site’s facilities and pitch add to the re-sale value of the home. It also represents that the value of the home is likely to have increased as a result of the land on which it is stationed increasing in value. Substantial investment is required in order to maintain and develop a site as large as Warfield Park. The commission contributes to the investments we make in our infrastructure, such as roads, utility supply and general up-keep of the park.

Can you get a mortgage for a park home?

No. Mortgages are not available for park homes as they are not considered to be a mortgageable asset. A mortgage is a charge against land and a park home owner does not own the land on which the home is sited. It is possible, however, to obtain finance on the purchase of a park home (subject to status).

Are there any other charges I should be aware of?

Yes. To occupy a pitch on a park you will need to pay a pitch fee. The pitch fee is paid monthly to the site owner and forms part of the Written Statement. It covers the site’s basic running costs and maintenance. The pitch fee is increased on the same day each year – this is detailed within the Written Statement. It is only allowed to increase in line with those factors set out in legislation such as the Retail Price Index.

You will also need to make provision for other costs such as utilities, water rates, broadband/tv services and council tax.

Do I need a solicitor or surveyor to buy a park home?

There is no legal necessity to appoint a solicitor or surveyor when buying a park home, but it is recommended. You should seek professional advice to handle the purchase of a new or pre-owned park home. It is also recommended that you get a specialist park home surveyor when buying a previously owned park home.

You should also ask the seller about any warranties that apply to the park home.

Can you get insurance for park homes?

Yes, like any major asset insuring your home is important and there are many companies that will undertake this for you. It is also a condition of the Written Statement that your park home is properly insured and it is recommended that the cover be at current market rates.

Can I choose my own home?

We encourage our customers to design their new home, and we will assist to make sure that you are getting exactly what you want. We will show you designs that have previously been chosen and then recommend manufacturers who will tailor make the home of your dreams. We will then work with them to ensure it is delivered to Warfield Park and installed ready for you to move in.

Do you have recommended home manufacturers?

There are a range of good manufacturers which have produced excellent homes for our customers in the past. This gives our customers the maximum choice of finding their perfect quality park home. For further information on any of the manufacturers we use, email our sales department or ring us on 01344 884666.