September Covid-19 Updates

COVID-19 Update 11/09/2020

I hope we’ve all been keeping well since my last update.

It’s be a relativity quite few weeks with nothing of significance for me to report on and I’m sure some of you will have been glad of not receiving an update from me.  However now we’ve had a fairly significant change in policy from Government, so a quick update is in order

New restriction

The Prime Minister has announced that from Monday 14/09/2020 Government will be changing the regulations on gatherings reducing the maximum number of people allowed to meet, either inside or outside, down from 30 to 6.  Government have dubbed this the Rule of 6.  To back this up, and to highlight how seriously Government are taking this, the level of fines for breaching the regulations is being lifted to £3000.

Please remember that regulations are different in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, so check these if you are planning to travel.  Also, there are a number of localised lockdowns around the UK which may affect your travel plans.

With Autumn now upon us and winter approaching it is anticipated that COVID-19 will become more prevalent in communities how significant that will be will depend entry on how the country responds and what measures government are able to put in place.

As always, stay safe everyone.

Kind Regards

James Sumner FdA

Image: shutterstock/Brandi Lyon Photography