Social Spotlight: BINGO

Welcome to the latest edition of our Social Spotlight series of blogs. We love to recognise all the great things our residents do voluntarily in order to make Warfield Park such a wonderful place to live. This week we’re turning our attentions to one of the most popular pastimes in the UK – BINGO.

While Bingo has been enjoyed across the UK for decades and is considered a gentle and easy to play game, with plenty of time for a chat in between games. This makes it very popular with older people; however, with the dawn of online Bingo platforms the appeal has spread across age ranges and across the world.

Recent research has shown that more than 100 million people play Bingo across the globe and this number is sure to rise as platforms become more popular and prize pots become more substantial.

Bingo at Warfield Park

While the Bingo club has been running for a number of years at Warfield Park, starting in the old wooden community hall on the green in the Elms (those long serving residents might remember).

Nowadays Sandy Goodall, who has been a resident at Warfield Park for seven years, hosts the Bingo evening at our new community hall every Thursday from 7.30pm with the games starting at 8pm.

There’s no need to book or apply just head along and join in. The cost is £1 per week which goes to the Park Association, and then you will have the opportunity to buy Bingo books, so the maximum spend is around £6 – which is a great price for an evening out of the house.

While there is no minimum age we recommend attendees are 18 and over and, as long as you are a member of the Community Association, which costs £8/£10 depending on whether or not you’re a resident, you’re welcome to join us every week.

If you would like any more information about the Warfield Park Bingo evenings make sure you come to the hall early to speak to one of the organisers – who are usually there from 7pm.

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