Social Spotlight: Table Tennis Club

Welcome to the latest edition of our Social Spotlight series of blogs. We love to recognise all the great things our residents do voluntarily in order to make Warfield Park such a wonderful place to live. This week we’re turning our attentions to a classic game – Table Tennis.

Did you know that Table Tennis originated in Victorian England as an after-dinner parlour game for the upper class. There’s even evidence that makeshift versions of the game were played by British Military Officers in India in the late 19th Century, using books and a golf ball; you’ll find no such improvisation at the Warfield Park Table Tennis Club.

Table Tennis at Warfield Park

The Table Tennis Club at Warfield Park has been running for two and a half years and started out with nine members getting together to socialise and have a friendly game or two on a table bought by the Community Association.

Two and a half years on, the club is thriving with 24 members enjoying two table tennis tables, with a third on the way once we have been able to find a storage solution. The club meets twice a week on Wednesday and Thursday from 10am until 12noon and members simply pay their pound which goes to the Community Association and enjoy playing and socialising over a cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit.

You don’t have to be Ma Long or Liu Shiwen to join up, we have players of all abilities and it’s much more about getting out of the house and knocking a ball around than win at all costs. It is, however an adults only club, unfortunately we cannot cater for youngsters wanting to attend.

The Table Tennis Club is run by Keith Steele who has lived on the Park for five years, so if you are interested in coming along or would like some more information you can either give Keith a call on 01344 883586 or simply show up on a Wednesday or Thursday morning and scope it out for yourself – there is no commitment just drop your pound in the tin and away you go.

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