The Benefits of Single Storey Living

Many of our residents have lived, owned or rented double storey bricks and mortar homes in the past and so, making the change to single-storey living can be quite daunting. But how different can it be, will you really miss having stairs?

Obviously park homes aren’t the only single storey solutions, you might be moving into a flat or a bungalow. For now we’ll concentrate on single storey living in a park home at Warfield Park.

We’ve come up with some key benefits of living in a single story home.

Energy efficiency

It is significantly less expensive to heat and cool a single storey home. With no stairs for the heat to escape up, the air circulates with less resistance making the climate in your home easier to maintain, with fewer cold spots. You will also find that with a less complicated single floor heating system there is less to go wrong and therefore fewer repair bills.

Storage and Space

Multi-storey properties are not always the most efficient with their space. Stairs and other utility infrastructure is bulky and takes up valuable square footage in the home. A single storey property tends to be much more efficient with its space, optimising actual ‘living space’. While a single storey property might be smaller in terms of its footprint, you’ll find there is much more usable space.  Often new park homes have spacious walk in wardrobes, valuable hallway storage, as well as clever space-saving design elements throughout.


Single storey properties are infinitely more accessible than multi-storied homes. If you find yourself injured or unable to use steps and staircases, a double storey property could prove difficult to navigate around. Single storey properties (which can be built with ramp access) are wheelchair accessible and much friendlier on elderly hips and knees.  Think of park homes as a future-proof housing option for any eventuality!

Easier to Maintain

A single storey home is also easier to maintain. No more out of reach gutters to clean, empty bedrooms sitting collecting dust or stairs to hoover.  Whilst these homes are not maintenance free, they are specially designed to reduce the amount of upkeep required by you.  Exterior finishes can be specified with 10 year maintenance free surfaces, and more manageable sized gardens can be specified.

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