Warfield Park receives national award

If you are a resident of Warfield Park you might remember we undertook a major project to update the gas works on the park. Well, we are delighted to announce that we received an award at last Friday’s National Energy Efficiency Awards 2019 in Birmingham for energy and sustainability work completed on our park homes site in Bracknell.

The park won National Boiler & Heating Project of the Year (pictured) for the conversion of almost 500 homes from LPG to natural gas, one of the largest gas conversion projects in the country.

With financial investment from Cadent, new gas infrastructure was designed and constructed by Affordable Warmth Solutions, with residents also benefiting from boiler upgrades funded by Happy Energy, Affordable Warmth Solutions and Warfield Park.  This has allowed residents to access the natural gas market and make significant savings on their heating bills.

The project was delivered in conjunction with Affordable Warmth Solutions, Bracknell Forest Council, Cadent Gas, Happy Energy and Gallagher.

A Huge Team Effort

Barry Sumner, managing director at Warfield Park, said: “This award reflects the huge amount of effort the partners have put in to make this project happen, and the work of Warfield Park staff who have coordinated the project and liaised with residents throughout.

Construction works were delivered by AWS contractors and Gallagher and phased over an eight-month period. A total of 7.6km of gas main laid and 10km of service pipework installed, funded by Cadent and at no cost to the residents. This required a complicated programme of road closures and diversions ensuring residents and deliveries could access the site throughout.

Over 200 boilers were converted and 260 new boilers installed. New hobs were fitted in 196 park homes as well as 234 new appliances and 71 new ovens.

It has all been worthwhile,” continued Barry Sumner, “as our residents are saving between 36% and 62% on their gas bills with an average saving of 48%, compared to their costs on LPG the previous year.

Working with our Park Community

From the outset, we made sure our residents were involved; consulting extensively with them on whether they wanted natural gas before the decision on the £1.6 million project was made. With more than 80% of residents being over 60, the judges recognised the importance of our involvement. They said: “Exemplary community involvement, a thorough consultation with 100% positive response is to be applauded.”

They added: “Making special arrangements for some specific needs demonstrates a clear understanding that households needs are firmly at the centre of any project.”

Jeremy Nesbitt, managing director at Affordable Warmth Solutions, said: “This was a complex scheme that delivered ahead of schedule. I am grateful for the support of Warfield Park residents for their cooperation during construction of the new mains and services, and our contract partners Gallagher which delivered the works on time, on budget and with safety paramount at all times.”

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Feature image: L-R: Barry Sumner (Warfield Park), Jeremy Nesbitt (AWS), James Sumner (Warfield Park), Brendan Meanwell (Gallagher), Dan Cotter (Happy Energy), Jenny Holder, Wendy Collas (Warfield Park)