What happened in 2018 at Warfield Park?

2018 was a a bumper year for us, here at Warfield Park. In our first blog of 2019 we take a look back at some of the highlights from the last twelve months.

Natural Gas

In the Spring of 2018, and in partnership with Affordable Warmth Solutions (AWS), we undertook some research following a consultation with residents, about installing mains natural gas in to the park in order to help our residents save money on their energy bills. It was a huge undertaking and for a time was a little inconvenient but we are delighted to say that all mains natural gas pipework (7.6 km) had been laid just in time for Christmas.  This now means that each and every home on the park has access to natural gas, which is a significantly cheaper form of gas and enables the residents to change suppliers. Funding has come from AWS, which has obtained a government grant towards the gas main installation.

The Park has collaborated with Cadent Gas, Affordable Warmth Solutions, Happy Energy and T & K Gallagher to bring forward the new pipework infrastructure at zero cost to Warfield Park residents.

So far, 143 homes have had a new Worcester Bosch boiler fitted, while 29 homes have already had their supply switched to natural gas as of 7th December 2018, with connections progressing as we speak.


As part of our continuing work to maintain our reputation as one of the most beautiful and prestigious park home addresses in the country, we have developed 5 new homes on the park this year. We think it has definitely improved the aesthetics of the park and of course the re-sale value of the neighbouring properties.


We love how green our parkland is, and so we have planted Elms Green as well as the front entrance at Harvest Ride. We have also added some additional larch trees in The Larches, oak trees in The Oaks, and some more elms in… you guessed it – The Elms.

We have also planted a significant number of bulbs which will hopefully bring plenty of colour to the park in the Spring!

The Paddocks Planning Permission

With huge input from our wonderful consultants Hankinson & Duckett Associates, Stillwell and Ridge Property Consultants, we have successfully had the pre-commencement planning conditions approved by the council for the Paddocks which will expand our park and benefit the community.

Electrical Upgrade Expansion in the Larches

While digging in the park to lay the gas works we took the opportunity to further expand the electrical improvement works by laying updated electrical supply in the Larches, Wellingtonias and The Elms.

Rental Homes

We have invested heavily in our rental homes and we have replaced 42 boilers, 7 kitchens, painted 8 home exteriors and completed electrical upgrade works to 9 homes.

Site Licence and Planning Inspection 2016 resolved

Alongside Bracknell Forest Council we were able to successfully complete the planning exercise started in 2016.  This project included Warfield Park hosting a public meeting in which residents were able to express their views on the planning and licensing issues.  The Park has now established a better understanding with the council about planning related issues in relation to mobile homes.

Foul Water Investment

As part of our continuing investment in updating key areas of the park, we have continued to invest in the foul water upgrade works this year. We have also commissioned a survey of the foul water system to highlight future investment.

Trade Association

Our staff have regularly attended trade association meetings, training events, and have hosted guests from the South East branch meeting at the community hall.  Guests included park operators, manufacturers and contractors associated with the industry.

Investment for the Community Hall

The Park has funded the redecoration of the community hall.  The hall is used by the Community Association to host clubs and social events, and is a valuable venue for our community.

Meeting with MP’s

Warfield Park staff have met with MP’s about the review of the Mobile Homes Act 2013.

Visitor Parking

We recognised that there was a need for extra spaces and have built additional visitor parking space in the Wellingtonias and Harvest Lea.

Charity work

As always this year we supported the Poppy Appeal, we also supported one of the local schools this year.

New Website and branding

We are ending the year with a new website, company logo and branding. You can read more about our new look in our blog.

If you would like to speak to a member of our team about anything in this article, make sure you give us a call on 01344 884666 or email us. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.